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Leopoldo Marechal

We believe there's a way to solve problems by non-traditional methods, employing apparently unorthodox and illogical means.

“Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.” Edward de Bono, New Think: The Use of Lateral Thinking 1967.

Think tank

We board complex problems with a long-term strategic focus. And we aim to deliver the result as a simple, easy to use technology.

We think technology as a part of culture and social relationships. Mobile integrated to user’s daily life. A multichannel experience.

We produce software in a multi-disciplinary environment. We think that diversity stimulates innovation and creative solutions. What the user needs is our starting point to create technology.

Task force

Success is to achieve an objective. When we develop a mobile app, this occurs when we accomplish every goal defined at the beginning of the process. The task force's mission is to execute on time the strategy designed by the Think Tank.

We are an action team. Accurate, efficient and trained to execute missions. We are always scouting for the best talents offering them a great opportunity to join our solid working team.

We strive to learn, listen and watch, without setting above our own necessities. We focus our efforts on constantly learning and projecting the best for our clients without considering our own needs. In this sense, we strongly believe that the user is our only concern. We are convienced that sucess comes hand in hand with endeavor and perseverance. We never give up

Our team

The creation of a successful application is a process that does not depend on one person's ability, but in a harmonious unified team work, where developers and creatives act together to achieve success in every project they work on.

Task Force Think Tank

Horacio Acerbo


A serial entrepreneur in entertainment business. Started several endeavors in the extreme sports business. Owns Entreteneurs, a sub label of EMI records. Studied sociology in El Salvador university. His vision is to have a multidisciplinary boutique company that can address the multiple and changing landscape of marketing today.

Rank: General

Full Profile

Tobías Girelli


Serial Entrepeneur & passionated about many things. Every science fascinates him, especially information technologies. Loves design, photography, skateboarding and cooking. Thinks death is the only certainty but has the illusion of living 1000 years, or even forever. Focused on delivering better user experiences without leaving aside avant garde design, latest social tendencies and ultimate innovations.

Rank: General

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Pablo Telmo


A technical director who helps people express their best capabilities and enjoys team work trying to generate a comfortable working environment. His emotional intelligence allows him to feel at ease working with many people. Many times it's more important than having a high I.Q. Besides, he's a tremendous forward that plays in Monaco Futbol Club.

Ability: Project Manager

Rank: Captain

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Fabián Collado


Likes to read about new technologies, development and finance. Enjoys developing automated trading applications and making financial research. Loves his job, his career and the challenges they bring. Always thinking about new ideas and new projects. Also interested in videogame development.

Ability: System Engineer

Rank: Lieutenant

Gabriel Restuccia


Has a very strong interest in computers. Started writing programs in a Commodore 64 at 12 years old. It became his passion and continued researching about all new technologies. Has 12+ years of experience in application development and for the last 5 years in social mobile development. Addicted to every kind of tech. Loves videogames, and electronics are his hobby.

Ability: Android Specialist

Rank: Lieutenant

Andrés Sosto


IT specialist with over 10 years of experience. Proactive and effective leader with strong conviction on achievable solutions and objectives, organized tasks and goals in high performance teams. Provided services in leading companies such as EDS and IBM. On a personal level, music is his passion. Drummer for over 12 years, and part of a rock band.

Ability: IT Lead

Rank: Lieutenant

Full Profile

Daniel De Piero


Technology fan. Enjoys both the creative and technical side of Web and Mobile Design. Extremely social. Believes in God. Has a bunch of very good friends and an incredible wife. Takes every possibility to expand and improve his professional skills. Amateur Cook, Sportsman and Bass and Guitar player.

Ability: Mobile and web UI Designer

Rank: Lieutenant

Full Profile

Laurent Rodriguez


Young Project Manager, he brings with him a wealth of international experiences within big industrial groupsthat allow him to deal with French, English or Spanish partners. Constantly looking for new innovative ideas, he’s always aware of the last Marketing trends and a fan of new technologies. Always focused on his objectives & well organized, he’s committed to have professional relationships based on trust and communication.

Ability: Industrial Engineer

Rank: Lieutenant

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Completed Missions

Strategy has been planned. Mission accomplished.

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Coca Cola FM

Summary Briefing Solution View full case

It is the first regional network of social radio by Coca-Cola, broadcasting music, exclusive events and original radio shows 24/7 and 365 days a year, looking to co-create the future of radio with thousands of Teens, giving a voice to their interests, emotions and happiness moments.

Markets: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.

  • Provide teens with a continuous flux of happiness
  • Deliver Coca-Cola’s message more effectively
  • Be an antidote to Teens’ woes
  • Help teens to find their voice and express it to the world
  • Connect and engage with Teens through their number one passion point: Music
  • Recruit and create Brand love for a new generation of consumers
  • Adapt our Marketing to the evolution of Teens’ habits in terms of media consumption
  • Generate positive conversations towards the brand
  • Connect emotionally with Latin American youth and allow socialization for a whole generation

Operating today in 13 markets across Latin America, Coca-Cola FM is an owned media property delivering premium interactive radio contents and changing the way teens communicate with us: From typing on a keyboard to using the energy of their voice.

  • Always-on
  • Liquid & Linked
  • Social and Shareable
  • Ubiquitous and Multi-device (Web & Mobile)
  • Plug & Play
  • 24/7 and 365 days a year

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