The e-reader case for iPad that will let you enjoy a good reading without holding another device.

project summary

Bombshell is the first e-reader for iPad devices specially designed to enhace the experience of reading a great book on your iPad. Its e-ink screen, its portability and flexibility makes it a great accesory for any reading lover.

The name refers to past time, a golden era for the movies and arts, and that's why we've created 3 models named after 3 of the greates Hollywood bombshells:

Jean Harlow

The very first bombshell. It is our first model with all basic capabilities of any Bombshell accesory.

Marilyn Monroe

The most iconic bombshell. This model includes a touch screen to better pass pages and add more functionality.

Hedy Lamarr

The smartest bombshell, the Wifi Goddess. Our most complete Bombshell, with touch screen and frontlight among its core features, for a better and more pleasant reading.

In this endeavor we've partnered with the National Institute of Industrial Technology, working together with their engineers. We're also being supported by Eink, and part of Apple MFi program for hardware development.

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