Ciao is the beginning of a new and easy way to set up and have conference calls. It's the end of the tedious comings and goings that used to be involved in the planning of a meeting. Because now you can match agendas, time zones and contact hours to find the best free slots available for everyone. Just add people you want to talk with, and Ciao.

  • UX ideation
  • Brand & UI design
  • iOS development
  • Backend development

project summary

matching timeslots

Ciao matches your agenda with the other participants of the call and finds the best time available for everyone.

context-aware suggestions

Ciao will ask you to set your contact days and hours. This way, it’s easier to know when you are not available for a meeting, besides your agenda.

invitations with context

When you are invited to a conference, Ciao will show you how your agenda for that day looks like. So you can better respond to that request by seeing its context.

activity list

Here is where you can see all your history in Ciao. The meetings you had and the new meetings, which you can even accept from here.

call directly from app

Joining yo a call is as easy as tapping the notification that reminds you of the beginning of it. Once you are in, you can see who is in too and who is not.

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