coca cola fm

Coca-Cola FM is the first regional network of social radio by Coca-Cola, broadcasting music, exclusive events and original radio shows 24/7 and 365 days a year, looking to co-create the future of radio with thousands of teens, giving a voice to their interests, emotiones and happiness moments.

  • UX ideation
  • UI design
  • iOS & Android development

project summary

the challenge

- Provide teens with a continuous flux of happiness
- Deliver Coca-Cola’s message more effectively
- Be an antidote to teens’ woes
- Help teens find their voice and express it to the world
- Connect and engage with teens thru their number one passion point: Music
- Recruit and create brand love for a new generation of consumers
- Adapt our marketing to the evolution of teens’ habits in terms of media consumption
- Generate positive conversations towards the brand

how it works

Operating today in 13 markets across Latin America, Coca-Cola FM is an owned media property delivering premium interactive radio contents and changing the way teens communicate with us: from typing on a keyboard to using the energy of their voice.

- Always-on
- Liquid and Linked
- Social and Shareable
- Ubiquitous and Multi-device (Web and Mobile)
- Plug and Play
- 24/7 and 365 days a year

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